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One Thing

September 15, 2010

一品                         yīpǐn                       one thing

“One Thing” (as best as I can translate), serves one thing, duck. It is located at 115 Zhongzheng road in Zhunan.

Everything I’ve tried is great, but I especially recommend the 鴨香飯 (literally: duck-fragrant-rice) which comes with juicy slices of duck on rice, accompanied with peas and carrots in gravy.

下水 refers to the innards of an animal, usually a duck or a goose, and in this case it’s duck gizzard. Thanks to Michael for the comment.

A. 湯麵                            tāng-miàn                                  soup with noodles

1. 鴨肉湯麵 (大)           yā-ròu-tāng-miàn (dà)           duck soup with noodles (large)

2. 鴨肉米粉 (大)           yā-ròu- mǐ-fěn (dà)                 duck soup with thin rice noodles (large)

3. 鴨肉冬粉 (大)           yā-ròu- dōng-fěn (dà)            duck soup with glass noodles (large)

4. 鴨肉湯麵 (小)           yā-ròu-tāng-miàn (xiǎo)       duck soup with noodles (small)

5. 鴨肉米粉 (小)          yā-ròu-mǐ-fěn (xiǎo)               duck soup with thin rice noodles (small)

6. 鴨肉冬粉 (小)          yā-ròu- dōng-fěn (xiǎo)         duck soup with glass noodles (small)

7. 酸辣湯麵                  suān-là-tāng-miàn                  hot and sour noodle soup

8. 酸辣湯米粉             suān-là-tāng-mǐ-fěn               hot and sour rice noodle soup

9. 酸辣湯冬粉             suān-là-tāng-dōng-fěn          hot and sour glass noodle soup

B. 炒麵                         chǎo-miàn                                    stir-fried noodles

10. 炒鴨肉麵 (大)     chǎo-yā-ròu-miàn (dà)           stir-fried noodles with duck (large)

11. 炒鴨肉麵 (小)       chǎo-yā-ròu-miàn (xiǎo)       stir-fried noodles with duck (small)

12. 炒鴨肉米粉 (大)  chǎo-yā-ròu-mǐ-fěn (dà)       stir-fried rice noodles with duck (large)

13. 炒鴨肉米粉 (小)  chǎoyā-ròu-mǐ-fěn (xiǎo)     stir-fried rice noodles with duck (small)

14. 炒鴨肉冬粉 (大)  chǎo-yā-ròu-dōng-fěn (dà)  stir-fried glass noodles with duck (large)

C. 小菜                         xiǎo-cài                                     small dishes

15. 茶鴨 1/4                chá-yā 1/4                               tea duck 1/4

16. 鴨肉 1/4                yā-ròu  1/4                               duck 1/4

17. 炒鴨 血                  chǎo-yā-xiě                              stir-fried congealed duck blood

18. 炒鴨腸                  chǎo-yā-cháng                        stir-fried duck intestine

19. 炒下水                  chǎo-xià-shuǐ                          stir-fried duck gizzard

20. 炒 時蔬                chǎo-shí-shū                           stir-fried seasonal vegetables

21. 炒綜合                  chǎozòng-hé                          mixed vegetables

D. 湯 類                                tāng-lèi                                            soup

22. 綜合鴨湯                     zòng-hé-yā-tāng                            mixed vegetable and duck soup

23. 鴨肉湯                           yā-ròu-tāng                                     duck soup

24. 鴨腸湯                            yā-cháng-tāng                              duck intestine soup

25. 下水湯                            xià-shuǐ-tāng                                duck gizzard soup

26. 鴨血湯                            yā-xiě-tāng                                     congealed duck blood soup

27. 酸辣湯                            suān-là-tāng                                  hot and sour soup

28. 蛋花湯                            dàn-huā-tāng                                egg drop soup


29. 鴨香飯 (大)                   yā-xiāng-fàn (dà)                         duck with rice (large)

30. 鴨香飯 (小)                   yā-xiāng-fàn (xiǎo)                     duck with rice (small)

31. 魯肉飯                             lǔ-ròu-fàn (dà)                            marinated mince pork on rice (large)

32. 魯肉飯                            lǔ-ròu-fàn (xiǎo)                          marinated mince pork on rice (small)

33. 水餃 (高麗菜/韭菜)    shuǐ-jiǎo (gāo-lì-cài/jiǔ-cài)    boiled dumplings (cabbage/leek)

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3 Comments leave one →
  1. Feiren permalink
    September 17, 2010 1:24 am

    ‘Zonghe’ in this context means ‘mixed’.

  2. Feiren permalink
    September 17, 2010 1:25 am

    ‘Zonghe’ in this context means ‘mixed’. You might also want to point out that xia4shui4 is a general word for innards, especially goose and duck innards. But it is usually gizzard.

    • Feiren permalink
      October 1, 2010 2:16 am

      Also zòng (綜) is fourth tone.

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